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We offer a variety of celebration cakes in fondant or buttercream.  

Prices start from $3.75 per serving, based on the options selected and the complexity of the design.

Cake flavours:

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet

Coffee | ​Lemon | Earl Grey

Frosting options:

Chocolate | Vanilla | Coffee 

Mocha | ​Lemon | Peanut butter

Looking for something different?  

Ask us about custom cakes and icing options.

Signature Desserts

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From traditional sweets to gluten free treats - we have an assortment of mouth watering confections that will keep you coming back for more.  Whatever you decide...bet you can't eat just one!

Cake pops:

Signature - starts at $2.00 each (min. order 2 dozen)

Deluxe - starts at $3.00 each (min. order 1 dozen)

Cake options:

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Lemon        

Design options:

Sprinkles | Chocolate drizzle | Pearls | Coconut | Nuts

Flavour options:

Milk/Dark Chocolate | Vanilla -  available in assorted colours

Marshmallows (Gluten Free*):

Vanilla cubes - $7.00 (package of 8)

Flavoured cubes - $8.50 (package of 8)

Mallowpops - $1.25 each (min. order 1 dozen)

Merginues (Gluten Free*):

Vanilla - $5.50 (package of 8)

Flavoured - $6.50 (package of 8)

Rice Treats (Gluten Free*):

Shaped treats - $0.75 each (min. order 24)

Bars - $1.00 each (min. order 1 dozen)

Pop treats - $1.25 each (min. order 1 dozen)


Our signature cupcakes are one of our most popular desserts.  

Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or just because - these bite sized treats are a guilt free way to satisfy that sweet tooth craving and enjoy a treat. 

Prices start from: 

Mini cupcakes - $1.75 each (min. order 2 dozen)

Standard cupcakes - $3.50 each (min. 1 dozen) 

Cupcake flavours (signature and speciality options):

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Lemon | Spice | Coffee ​Earl Grey | ​Ube (Purple Yam) |Pandan (Young Coconut)

Frosting flavours (signature and speciality options):

Chocolate | Vanilla | Cream Cheese |Lemon |Mocha

Lavender | Maple Salted Caramel | ​Peanut butter

Ask us about our seasonal, fruit or other speciality cake and icing options.  Custom design options also available.